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a queer werewolf play

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small town | missing boy | slaughtered livestock | teenagers | cannibalism | Mariska Hargitay |

bondage | leather | sex | werewolf sex | gay werewolf sex | so much sex | BYOB | late-night | gotta sign a waiver

White Coon County, Virginia is about as terrible as it sounds: there’s a (Super) WALMART, a swamp, a dozen churches, so many guns, and acres and acres of farmland. Nothing much ever happens here, until the livestock starts getting slaughtered. Slaughtered by something big: big and mean. The teens keep secretly sneaking off to the woods. What are they doing in the woods? And what is slaughtering the cows? And where the hell is missing boy Billy Wilkerson?  WOLFCRUSH is a queer full moon fever dream about cannibalism, werewolves, small-towns, big secrets, first times, sloppy seconds, Mariska Hargitay, and all the lies we tell ourselves to sleep at night.

a new play by Haygen Brice Walker

directed by Elaina Di Monaco 


Sydney Banks (Junyce), Jenna Kuerzi (Mayor/Detective/Principal), José Raúl Mangual (Beecher),

Joshua McLucas (Huck), & Campbell O'Hare (Kyle)

with design by

Corrie Meehan (Costumes), Alyssandra Docherty (Lighting), Meghan Mary Reed (Sound),

Julia Montante (Scenic Installation & Props), & Scout Cox (Stage Manager)

associate producer Joshua Farner

assistant director Rose Slavin


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