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ON THE ROCKS would not exist without the generosity of individual donors. These folks have breathed life into our collective, and continue to support BOLD QUEER THEATRE. All donations made to OTR are tax-deductible and go directly towards production expenses and artist payment. 

OUR PATRONS via Patreon

These donors are in it for the long haul. Through PATREON, you can make a monthly contribution to putting more queer work on Philadelphia stages. Donation amounts range from $1 to $100 (though of course we'd accept more!) and serve our annual costs. This includes things like membership fees, rehearsal space, printing costs, and developmental expenses. This is a great way to support us if you feel especially dedicated to new play development, and the process of theatre-making. 

Our Patrons get special year-round insight into our work, our collaborators, and special event invites. This ranges from private living room readings of next year's fringe show to Elaina's house-warming party! Our Patrons are our inner-circle of donors, and we would love to have you join!

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